What You Can Do

Dispose of Balloons Properly

  • After you have used your balloons, please pop or deflate them
  • Cut off the strings
  • Place the balloon pieces and strings in a trash bag
  • Tie the bag to ensure no balloon debris falls out 
  • Throw in the trash

Spread the Word

Please help spread the word to raise awareness. Feel free to use the attached presentation in your local schools, businesses, and communities.


Sign This Petition

Please sign this petition (link below) to ban the intentional release of balloons to help protect our environment, wildlife, natural resources, and economy.



Support Legislation

Check the map on “The Solution” page to see if there is already legislation banning the intentional release of balloons in your state.

  • If yes, then great!
  • If not, then start advocating for it. Feel free to use the legislative template and my slideshow (on “About Me” page) to present to Representatives and Senators.

Use Alternatives to Balloons, such as:

  • Flying kites  (for enjoyment)
  • Banners (for celebration)
  • Streamers (for celebration)
  • Bubbles (for parties)
  • Planting trees (for commemoration)